How do I digital gaming content?

To buy digital gaming content you do not need an account with us. Simply follow this link and choose one of the convenient delivery methods and digital game content you would like.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept next payment methods:



How do i get my digital gaming content?

After payment of the order you will be taken to the page where you will receive a unique code of the paid order. Contact our operators via WhatsApp, Instagram or Live chat and give them this code. Follow the further instructions of the operator.

Help! My order is delayed! What does this mean?

If you''''re order is delayed, that means we are very busy and are working hard to get your digital gaming content delivered to you. We will keep you informed through notifications in your profile and your email. Most importantly, don''''''''''''''''t worry - your digital gaming content are coming!

Help! I have chosen the wrong delivery method. Can I change it?

If you''re unable to complete your order details and want to try another delivery method, you can simply select another one from the order page.